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Looking for partners?

Looking for a partner or partners? Email me your contact info and interests, and I'll post them here.

Justin Reyes writes: I am looking for partners for the final project. I am a sophomore, Political Sciences major, and am interested in sports, politics, and student and human behavior. I actually had wanted to do my final project on the essay writing habits of students here at Swarthmore, specifically how early they start and finish their written assignments, if those habits change based on the length of the assignment, all to figure out if the average paper at Swarthmore is written the night before it is due as I suspect. Unfortunately I did not find a group to do that with. However, I am more than happy to work on any other project that is interesting. Here is my contact info:, 917 544 3215

Steven Hazel writes: I am a freshman interested in politics and history. I would like to do a project on the relationship between a student's major and the time they report spending on work outside of class, but I would be fine working on a different project so long as it is interesting. My contact info is:

Kevin Roberts writes: I am a freshman interested in Psychology, habits and quirks of students. I have no particular ideas about a project, but am very willing to help others with theirs if they are interesting. (

Emily Melnick '13 and Chloe Browne '12 write: We're interested in doing an study examining whether Swat students will respond differently to a survey about condom use when the survey is given by a man than when given by a woman. Anyone care to join us? []


5:00 pm, Monday, April 4: Email me your project proposal: Who is in your group? What is your topic? What issues or questions are you addressing? How will you collect the data? For instance, what is your sampling method, how many people are you surveying, what questions are you asking? Or, how are you designing your experiment, how are you randomizing, how are you avoiding bias? What statistical techniques are you using? Be as specific as possible; your email should be about a paragraph or two.
Important: In your email, put "Stat 11 Project" in your Subject: line. Please do not email other questions in project email; send those in a separate message. Please send your proposal as a plain email, not as an attachment. Completing the project proposal email on time is worth 10% of your project grade, with a 5% deduction for each day or partial day late. Please follow these instructions to earn full credit for your project proposal.

Monday, April 4 through Friday, April 15: Sign up here for a 15-minute time slot to talk to me to get feedback on your proposal. The meeting is worth 10% of your project grade.

Friday, April 29: Project day: posters due. No late posters accepted!

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