Course evaluations: The University of Chicago

Course evaluations for all courses at the University of Chicago are available here, but the site is accessible to University of Chicago users only. Below I have copied the published evaluations for my courses.

Statistics 220: Statistical Methods and Their Applications, Autumn 1997
Wang, S.
51 evaluations returned
84 evaluations returned
Both the instructor and the class received very positive evaluations. The students felt that the instructor was sincere, enthusiastic, had a great sense of humor, and was very engaging and energetic in lecture. One student commented that the instructor was "well-organized, lively, was good at giving intuitive explanations and motivated the material with real-world questions." Some students felt that the instructor spoke too quickly at times and wished that he would slow down just a bit. Everyone appreciated the handouts as an addition to lectures and the text. The students felt that exams were very reasonable and covered the material from lectures and homework very well. Everyone from the class recommended this instructor for future students because many felt that this instructor made the class worthwhile and fun for the students.

Statistics 220: Statistical Methods and Their Applications, Autumn 1996
Wang, S.
27 evaluations returned
34 evaluations returned
The students who returned the evaluations highly recommended Mr. Wang. One student said that Mr. Wang was an excellent lecturer, and students generally felt that his lectures were clear and well organized. The instructor was very enthusiastic about the subject and the class. One student said that he made a subject that was 'supposed' to be boring the best class I took this quarter." There were weekly homework assignments, worth 20% of the grade, one midterm, worth 30%, and one final, worth 40%. The quizzes were worth 10% of the grade. Most of the students said that they spent between ten to fifteen hours per week for this class.

Statistics 220: Statistical Methods and Their Applications, Winter 1996
Wang, S.
40 evaluations returned
50 evaluations returned
Everyone liked the class due to the professor and felt that he made the course interesting and reasonably fun. The homework was appropriate and took a reasonable amount of time. Several students felt that the professor occasionally talked too fast. Overall, they enjoyed the class and highly recommended the professor for his clear and interesting lectures.

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