MathPath Alumni Information Update


By Alumni we primarily mean people who were students at MathPath. However, counselors, and indeed any former staff or faculty, are welcome to fill out this form. If you were not a student, please use the final Box 15 to state your role at MathPath.


If there have been important changes since you were last in touch with us we would like to hear about it. Important changes include: graduated from some school or program, have a new email address, moved, have a great new job, won a big math prize.


Either parents or alumni can fill out this survey, but you are filling it out for the alumnus/alumna. Thus in #2 below, the name is the first name of the student, not the parent. If parents fill this out, and you have more than one son or daughter who attended MathPath, please fill it out separately for each of them.


All questions are optional, but if you don't give us at least your name and your email, we can't very well contact you.


After you fill in a box, don't hit Return to go to the next box. On some browsers this submits your survey.  Rather, use Tab or Point-and-Click.  When you are done, hit Submit at the bottom.  If your survey does get submitted prematurely, just start over and resubmit.


1. Family Name (last name)     


2. Given Name (first name)    


3. Nickname (especially if you used it at MathPath)    


4. Gender:    Male      Female


5. Year or years you attended MathPath. Use 4 digits, e.g., 2003.




6. Address information


Email address:   (if more than one, separate by commas)


Home address:

   1st line      

   2nd line     


   State or Province abbreviation (leave blank if not in the US or Canada)    

   Zip or Postal Code     



7. Currently you are
        in middle school
        in high school
        an undergraduate
        a graduate or professional school student


8. If you are precollege and not homeschooled, give your
        School Name          Grade


9. If you are an undergraduate, give
        Name of Institution
        Major or Majors (if chosen)
        Expected year of graduation (4 digits)


10. If you are an graduate student or in professional school, give
        Name of Institution
        Dept or professional school (e.g., math; medicine)


11. If employed, give the name of the company and your job title. Perhaps describe what you do in more detail in #14 below.  


12. What special math programs (other than MathPath) have you attended? (This and the following boxes will take answers of any length.)


13. What achievements are you especially proud of? Have you gotten any special math honors or other honors? You get to decide what is important enough to mention. It's fine to write nothing.




14.  Any news you want to tell us?



15. Anything else you want to tell us? We are especially interested in how you look back on MathPath. Especially if MathPath made a big difference to you, could you try to describe how?




Thank you for completing this survey!