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 Instructor's prep sheet for Sea Urchin Fertilization

ASW (Artificial sea water, Woods Hole MBL), 5 liters#

0.5 M KCl to induce gamete shedding,100 ml

Prep checklist:

Paper towels (C-fold)

Beakers (approximately the size of the urchins)#

aluminum foil

60 mm Petri dishes

20 g needles

1 ml syringes

needle disposal container

wide-bore pastuer pipets and bulbs or non-sterile transfer pipets

depression slides

microscope slides


Gloves- small, medium and large (1 box each)

test tube racks

100 mm tubes


labelling tape

Finger bowls #


# Beakers, finger bowls, test tubes and the bottles used to make the sea water need to be very clean of soap or other contaminants. Rinse thoroughly before use.



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