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Review questions

1. Fertilization is the union of haploid sperm and egg. What are the two
functions of fertilization?

2. What ensures that eggs are fertilized only by sperm of the same species

3. What might happen if an egg were fertilized by more than one sperm

4.What is the fast block to polyspermy?

5. What causes the cortical reaction?

6 How could you confirm that all of the necessary Ca+2comes from internal

7. What is the slow block to polyspermy?

8. The fertilization membrane is anchored to the plasma membrane by protein
"posts". Proteases from the cortical granules cleave the posts allowing the
fertilization membrane to elevate. What would be possible consequences of
inhibiting this protease activity?

9. What other changes are triggered in the eggby the increase in Ca+2
concentrations in the cytoplasm?

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