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The purpose of our research was to explore the effect of lead on neural crest cells. We hypothesized that introducing lead to post-migratory NC cells would result in a higher rate of spontaneous neurite outgrowth than normal. It is hard with such a small sample group to draw conclusions. However, we did see an increase in the number of branches coming off of neurons that were exposed to the lead acetate.
Looking at the results of our experiment, a few flaws in our experimental design become apparent. The number of conditions and explants that we cultured was too small. The next time this experiment is run it would be beneficial to increase the number of tubes cultured. During our experiment, we only explored the effects of two, very disparate, concentrations of Pb-Acetate. Inthe next trial, the cultured NC cells should be exposed to a wider range of Pb-Acetate concentrations. With more trials, better explants will be used to culture the NC cells. We also believe that unfamiliarity with the staining procedure might have effected our results.

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