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Effect of Cyclopamine on Medaka (Oryzias latipes) embryos
By Stephanie Ferrari and Robert Yanega
Developmental Biology, Franklin & Marshall College


The object of our experiment was to study the effects of cyclopamine on Medaka embryos. In particularly we were looking for developmental problems concerning the left-right axis, eye formation, and truncation.


Cyclopamine is a known sonic hedge hog inhibitor. Sonichedge hog plays a role in many areas of development. It is thought to mediate left-right axis formation, limb bud development, brain development and development of the eye. Cyclopamine works against sonic hedge hog by blocking the receptor cell. Previous work done with cyclopamine has utilized chick embryos and some studies have been performed on zebrafish. Because our own studies focus on the effects of cyclopamine on Medaka embryos. We choose this organism because not much has been done with it in regards to cyclopamine.

Medaka are useful fish to work with. They are easily to obtain and can be harvested year round. They are good for embryological studies because they are optically clear, making it very easy to note any malformations.

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