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Prep List

Warm water incubator set at 40.0C

Incubator set at 28.5C

Wide-bore pasture pipettes

Fine forceps

Glass Pyrex dishes for collection and incubation of embryos

Zebrafish embryo medium (NaH2PO4 0.01M 10mL; Na2HPO4 0.01M 10mL; Sodium citrate 0.1M 20mL; CaCl2 0.1M 15mL; dH20 945 mL)

4% paraformaldehyde in PBS

1% paraformaldehyde in PBS

znp-1 antibody


0.2% saponin in PBS

Goat anti-mouse IgG+IgM-HRP (secondary antibody conjugated to peroxidase) @1/500

HRP substrate buffer

HRP substrate (metal-enhanced DAB)

1:1 glycerol:CMFET

4:1 glycerol:CMFET

Dissecting microscope

Compound microscope

Depression slides and coverslips

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