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Swarthmore College

Kirstin Knox (Spring 1996), "Injection of Fgf-3 and Fgf-4 antisense RNA into the tailbuds of stage 12-13 chicken

Hillary Sheipe (Spring 1996), "Ketatinocyte growth factor and acidic fibroblast growth factor induction of epithelial
branching in embryonic mouse lung"

Rachel Brakke (Spring 1998, with Scott Gilbert), "The presence of delta in 24 hour chick embryos: the proposed
affiliation of delta and notch with the inhibition of myogenesis in chick epiblast cells"

Jason Bromer (Fall 1997, Spring 1998, Honors thesis, with Scott Gilbert),"Characterizing the expression of the chick
Tbx5 gene and its role in lung epithelial branching"

Princeton University

Grace Lin (Fall 1993, Spring 1994), "The expression pattern of Brachyury and Tbx2 during mouse embryogenesis"

Jennifer Halpern (Fall 1994, Spring 1995), "A model for posterior development"

Gordon Lam (Fall 1994, Spring 1995), "Characterization of a novel gene family in mammalian development: the
expression patterns of the Tbx genes"

Jane Kim (Fall 1994, Spring 1995), "The patterns and influences of murine tail development"

Peter Yeh (Fall 1994, Spring 1995), "Expression of the Tbx genes in response to mesoderm induction and

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