Care and maintainance of zebrafish

Zebrafish are common aquarium fish and are relatively easy to maintain. They breed best from about 6 to 18 months of age. Adult fish can be obtained from most pet stores; these are usually young and require at least 1 month of intensive feeding to reach breeding form. Alternately, fish can be obtained from Carolina Biologicals (800-334-5551), although I have received fish of variable age from Carolina. Fish should be fed 2 or 3 times a day, no more than they can consume in 10 minutes. One of these feedings can be a rich protein source, such as live brine shrimp, although this does not appear to be necessary. I feed a variety of TetraMin flakes (all purpose, shrimp, vegetable-based). Decrease feeding if fish are not to be bred for a while. Fish should be kept in tanks bare of gravel and with filters that will not pick up eggs when laid, such as sponge type biofilters. Clean tanks by siphoning debris from the bottom and replacing approximately a third of the water once a week. In most cases, fish will thrive in dechlorinated tap water; alternately, tank water can be constructed from deionized water by adding 60 mg Instant Ocean per liter. Use a heater to maintain the temperature at approximately 28°C (80-82°F) and a light with a timer to give a 14 hour light:10 hour dark cycle.

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