Experiments in

Developmental Biology

Welcome to DBLab, a website designed to assist teaching a laboratory course in Developmental Biology.

Most of the basic information contained in this site is based on discussions with colleagues. In particular, Dennis Barrett (University of Denver), my mentor as an undergraduate at the MBL, Julie Drawbridge (Rider University), my co-director of the "Project Lab" at Princeton University, Robert Ho (Princeton University) and Scott Gilbert (Swarthmore College) have been generous with advice, which I hope I have not misinterpreted.

I designed this site while teaching Biology 306 Developmental Biology at Franklin & Marshall College. Many of the pages were constructed by the students as class projects at F&M or Swarthmore College. Please forward comments and suggestions to
jacebra@hotmail.com or jcebra1@swarthmore.edu.


Judy Cebra-Thomas

May 22, 2004