Organogenesis presentation

Working in pairs, prepare a 15-20 minute presentation going over the basics of both what happensand whyduring the formation of your chosen organ. Think especially about the nature of cell-cell interactions that are involved. Start with Gilbert and with Carlson, Human Embryology(on reserve). Include 1 recent primary literature paper from Developmentor Developmental Biology or similar journal. I expect an outline, handouts that will be useful reference material for your classmates and use of visual aids (blackboard, PowerPoint and/or transparencies) during the talk (see Grade Sheet). I will be looking for a polished presentation, that is well organized and informative, and is presented with the audience in mind. As always, feel free to come to see me beforehand.

Possible organs include:
Brain (A-P pattern), Spinal cord (DV pattern), Ear, Eye, Skin, Tooth, Lung, Liver, Digestive tract, Pharynx, Limbpattern (A vs P), Limb identity (fore vs hind), Gonads, Kidney, Mammary gland, Pituitary gland, Heart, Circulatory system

Last Modified: 17, 2004

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