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Required Text

The required readings will be taken from Scott Gilbert, Developmental biology, 7th edition. For assigned readings, see Course schedule.
We will also be reading selected sections from the associated Web site
http://www.devbio.com ). These will be supplemented by journal articles and reviews during the course of the semester. My assumption is that you are familiar with the electronic and print resources of the Libraryand will make use of them. Refer to Pechenik, A Short Guide to Writing About Biologyor similar writing manual for writing assignments.


I will be using a combination of oral and written presentations, class participation and exams to arrive at your grade. A significant portion will come from lab, especially your research projects.

Exams (3)
Organogenesis presentation (pair)

Critique of Web pages (2)
Chick development page (group)
Gastrulation presentation (group)
Lab proctocol revision
- handout & prep sheet
- oral introduction
- lab paper
- revised Web page

New Lab protocol
-handout & prep (pair)
- oral proposal (pair)
-lab paper
- Web page (pair)
Lab notebook

Class participation

200 pts each
100 pts

20 pts each
40 pts
100 pts

60 pts
20 pts
50 pts
50 pts

60 pts
20 pts
50 pts
70 pts
40 pts

100 pts

Office hours:

By appointment Martin 308

Lab Instructor: Bill Gresh (wgresh1)

Lab assistants: Becky Davis (Tuesday, rdavis2)

Fraser Tan (Wednesday, ftan1)


Using PhotoShop
Creating Web Pages
Using Home Page