Fourth-Round Designs

as presented by the Design Team on February 29, 2000

Design X, X-var1, X-var2

Here is shown an animated sequence of three possible configurations of Scheme X. Since the Science Center Committee and the Design Team are working out details of floor plans and other details, only the rough massing is shown. At this point, a great many subtle choices among variations are in deliberation. In April and May, 2000, the Schematic Design phase will be ending, and new floor plans and other views will be posted on this website.

Scheme X is substantially the same as the December, 1999, version, with the larger 200-seat classroom on the left (Cornell Library) side of the opening into the Harry Wood garden, and the 80-seat classroom on the right of that opening.

Scheme X-var1 moves the smaller of the two classrooms that overlooks the Crum woods and folds it in to the end of the Science Commons area farthest from Cornell Library. The smaller 80-seat classroom is on the left, with a slightly skewed covered walkway connecting it to the larger 200-seat classroom. That large classroom is now tucked under the new Chemistry wing, to the right of the opening into the Harry Wood garden. Note the presence of the taller fume hood stack exhausts, shown as a stepped ridge about halfway back on the new Chemistry wing (placement of these stacks is a variable under discussion).

Scheme X-var2 keeps the smaller 80-seat classroom on the left and the larger 200-seat classroom on the right but squares the architecture, thus requiring several right-angled halls between Science Commons and the larger 200-seat classroom. The steepness of the new Chemistry wing above the 200-seat classroom has been softened somewhat by stair-stepping the architecture. In Scheme X-var2, like X-var1, the smaller of the two external classrooms overlooking the Crum woods is incorporated between Science Commons and the 80-seat classroom.

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