Swarthmore College announces:

A Symposium in honor of David Rosen


Swarthmore College 1952-1987

Saturday, October 25, 2003
Room 199
Dupont Science Building


Oct. 24: Memorial Service and Music, 4:00 pm, Lang Concert Hall

Oct. 24: Informal Dinner (by reservation only)

Oct. 25: Symposium organized by Marvin Knopp

The symposium will be devoted to the mathematical interests of David Rosen (see the symposium page for more details). There will be a keynote address by Thomas Schmidt of Oregon State, entitled "The Rosen continuted fractions: arithmetic and geometry."

During the symposium there will be a time for people to talk briefly about how Dave Rosen influenced them. David Henderson and Beverly Henderson West are the organizers.

If you plan to attend the dinner and/or the symposium, please contact eklotz1@swarthmore.edu, using the subject line Rosen.



Symposium photos