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Instructor Information

Instructor: Nsoki Mavinga
E-mail: mavinga at swarthmore.edu
                   Office:  Science Center 155
Office Hours:  Mon & Wed: 3:00-4:30pm; also by appointment

Course Information

Course Homepage:

Class Meeting Times:
MW 11:30 AM -- 12:20 PM
SC L32

Calculus: Single Variable, 5th ed. by Hughes-Hallett, Gleason, et al., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009.

Aims of the course:
The goal of this course is to get a solid grounding in integral calculus. We want to have a thorough understanding of the concept of definite integral, know the basic techniques of integration, and be able to apply the integral to find volumes, work, arc length. We want also to be able to determine the convergence /divergence of improper integrals, sequences, and infinite series and find power series representations of functions and use them for approximation, evaluation of integrals and limits, etc. We will also begin an investigation of some differential equations.

Exam Schedule

No books, notes, or calculators will be allowed during any of the exams or quizzes. If you have a conflict with either these exams, you must let me know by January 30.

Grading Policy

The course grade will be determined primarily on the basis of the total numerical score achieved on the written homework, WeBWorK, quizzes, group works, and exams. You will be able to access your test scores at any time via Moodle.
Your grade will be determined by the following weights:


Graded homework comes in two forms. One form consists of WeBWorK problems and the other form is written assignments to be turned during the semester.


We will have a quiz every other Friday. Quiz problems are taken from the homework problems and classroom work. This allows you to gauge whether you are ready to work problems in a test situation. Individual quizzes contribute 8% to the course average. Make-up quizzes will not be given . If you miss a quiz with a valid excuse, such as a serious illness or emergency with supporting documentation, you should contact me in person or via email as soon as you reasonably can. If your excuse is undocumented, or I deem it invalid or not presented in a timely manner, a zero will be averaged into your grade. The two lowest quiz grades will be dropped.
You will be able to access your quiz scores at any time via Moodle.

Group work sessions

We will have a group work session every other Friday in class. In the group work session, exercises are solved in small groups. Books, notes, or calculators are allowed during the group sessions. Group work sessions contribute 7%.
You will be able to access your group work scores at any time via Moodle.

Special Accomodations

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact Leslie Hempling in the Office of Student Disability Services, located in Parrish 130, or e-mail lhempli1 to set up an appointment to discuss your needs and the process for requesting accommodations. Leslie Hempling is responsible for reviewing and approving disability-related accommodation requests and, as appropriate, she will issue students with documented disabilities an Accommodation Authorization Letter. Since accommodations may require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact her as soon as possible. For details about the Student Disabilities Service and the accomodations process, visit http://www.swarthmore.edu/x7687.xml.

Extra Help

General Information and Old Exams


CLICK HERE   for a printable syllabus

Course schedule

Here is the planned schedule. There will no doubt be small changes as the semester progresses. Remember that all WeBWorK homework is due each Wednesday at 8:00 pm, a week after we have covered the material in class, but it will be open when we start the material. All written homework is due on Monday at the begin of class.

Week Lecture Topic WeBWorK Due, Quiz & Group work Written HW & Practice Problems
1/16 Chap. 5 and 6 Constructing Antiderivatives OrientWW
Group work 1
No HW due
7.1: Integration by substitution
7.2: Integration by parts
7.3:Tables of integrals
WW 1
Quiz 1
No Hw
Practice problems
7.1: # 1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 28, 29, 30, 35, ,45
7.2: # 1, 3--12, 20, 23, 27--36, 37, 38, 40, 45, 47
7.3: #1, 2, 4, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 28, 29, 30, 35, ,45
7.3: Tables of Integrals
7.4: Algebraic identities and trigonometric substitutions
WW 2
Group work 2
HW1 due 01/30
Practice problems
7.3: # 1, 2, 3, 10, 17, 28, 38, 48, 49, 54
7.4: # 1, ,2, 6, 8, 9, 20, 22, 29, 35, 43, 52
7.7:Improper integrals
7.8: Comparison of improper intergrals
WW 3
Quiz 2
HW2 due 02/06
8.1: Areas and volumes
8.2:Applications to geometry
WW 4
Group work 3
HW3 due 02/13
2/20 Midterm 1: Tuesday, February 21, 8:00 -- 9:30 PM, SC L32 (Sections 7.1--8.1)
Test Review

8.2: More on Volume by cylindrical shells and Arc length
8.3: Area and arc length in polar coordinates
WW 5
Group work 4
8.3: Area and arc length in polar coordinates
8.5: Applications to physics (Work)
WW 6
No quiz
HW4 due 02/27
Spring break(3/5 -- 3/11)
9.1: Sequences
9.2: Geometric Series
WW 7
Quiz 3
9.3: Convergence of Series
9.4: Tests for Convergence
WW 8
Group work 5
HW5 due 03/19
9.4: Tests for Convergence
Test Review
WW 9
Quiz 4
HW6 due 03/26
4/2 Midterm 2: Tuesday, April 03, 8:00 -- 9:30 PM, SC L32
Test Review

9.5:Power series and interval of Convergence
10.1 Taylor Polynomials
Group work 6
HW7 due 04/06
10.2 Taylor Series
10.3: Finding and using Taylor Series
10.4: The error in Taylor Polynomial approximations
10.5 Fourier Series
WW 10
Quiz 5
HW 8
11.1: What is a differential equations
11.2: Slope fields
11.4: Separation of variables
WW 11
Group work 7
HW 9
Catch up
WW 12
No quiz
HW 10
Final Exam: TBA