Lab1a starter code

First, download the starter code onto your laptop from this link, and save it to your Downloads folder on your laptop's turtlebot account. Then run the commands

cd ~/ros
tar -xzf ~/Downloads/calib_test.tgz

You should now be able to successfully go to that directory, and build the code.

roscd calib_test

In a second terminal window, type

rosrun turtlebot_dashboard turtlebot_dashboard &

to bring up the Dashboard. Click on the gear to bring the Turtlebot into full mode. Then, in the same window, type

rosrun joy joy_node

to start the joystick node. Finally, in the original window, run

rosrun calib_test

to start the starter code. When you hit button 0 (the "A" button on the joystick), the robot will begin to wander around randomly, and report distance traveled to the ROS log.

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