E15: Fundamentals of Digital Systems

Fall 2011 Labs

M W 1:15-4:15, Hicks 211
Instructor: Matt Zucker

Main course website here.

Lab 1 - Old school digital design

Lab 2 - Combinational logic: traffic light and seven segment display

Lab 3 - Sequential logic: traffic light redux

Lab 4 - C Programming for Real World Interfacing

This lab was developed by Prof. Erik Cheever.

Final Project - C Programming

The last few weeks of E15 you will be working on a C programming project of your own choosing.



Project Report

We are not looking for a full formal lab report, but your report shuld include at least the following:

Separately, you should also upload the entire source code for your project, as well as any example input or output that would help illustrate your results

Example Project Ideas