About the Author, Mark Heald

I received my B.A. from Oberlin College in 1950, and Ph.D. from Yale in 1954 in experimental atomic physics (electron spin resonance in H and N atoms).

From 1954-59 I was group leader for microwave diagnostics of magnetically confined plasmas at Project Matterhorn, Princeton University, which was the precursor of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. This early work towards controlled fusion in Stellarators was declassified in 1958 at a U.N. "Atoms for Peace" conference in Geneva, Switzerland, where I helped plan the displays and captioning of Princeton's part of a major technical exhibit of fusion research. From this work, Charles Wharton (UCRL-Livermore, General Atomics, and Cornell) and I published a monograph Plasma Diagnostics with Microwaves in 1965 (Wiley; reissued by Krieger 1978).

In 1959 I joined the faculty of the Physics Department of Swarthmore College where I taught until retiring in 1992. During sabbaticals from teaching I returned to plasma research, once at Culham Lab in England, twice at PPPL, and once at MIT's Plasma Fusion Center. My senior colleague Bill Elmore and I published the textbook Physics of Waves in 1969 (McGraw-Hill; reissued by Dover 1985). The majority of my teaching has been in electromagnetism, classical mechanics, optics, and laboratory subjects. I served as department chair 1968-78. I retired from active teaching in 1992, and moved to a Tennessee retirement community in January 1998.

Some representative publications:

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Mark A. Heald (Emeritus, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Swarthmore College)
P.O. Box 284, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578

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