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Maggie Delano

Assistant Professor
Engineering Department
Swarthmore College

Office: Singer 233
Phone: 610-328-8295

Fall 2019 Office Hours: Tuesdays 3pm-5pm, and by appointment

I'm an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Swarthmore College. For my PhD dissertation, I built a fluid status monitor for patients with congestive heart failure with Professor Charlie Sodini. My work was part of the Medical Electronic Device Realization Center (MEDRC) at MIT. For my master's thesis, I developed a wearable cardiac monitor that measures single lead electrocardiogram (ECG) and three axis acceleration data for up to one week while the user carries out their daily activities. I have also worked as a Teaching Assistant and Electrical Engineering Instructor for MIT's Medical Device Design class, where I mentored group projects and designed and supervised an ECG lab.

While in Boston I was a co-organizer of Quantified Self Boston and started the Quantified Self Boston Women's Meetup. I have given multiple talks about my self-tracking experiences, including a talk at QS13 on my experiences wearing my cardiac monitor and another talk at QS15 about my experiences recovering from a concussion. I have also been involved in other diversity efforts in the Quantified Self community, including writing the first QS Code of Conduct and organizing a sponsorship program for QS15.

Both my research and my experiences with the Quantified Self community have stimulated my interest in inclusive and anti-oppressive design. My writings on this topic thus far include an article on the design of period tracking apps, and the use of inclusive language in research articles. I have also been interviewed about how self-tracking apps exclude women.