Black Boxes


                Choose one of the six boxes containing unknown circuits.  Each box has two pairs of terminals that you can access, designated as the input and the output.  Record the number of the box.  Without opening the box, determine the arrangement of electronic components inside.  Repeat for a second box.





1.        Each box contains at most two resistors, one inductor, one capacitor, and one op amp.  No box contains more than four of the components in this list; most contain two or three elements.  (Only boxes 1 and 6 contain op amps; this will probably be obvious from the weight of the boxes, since batteries are needed to power the op amps.)


2.        You can use the Dynamic Signal Analyzer to measure the frequency response of your circuit.  You may want to obtain dc results manually with a dc source.


3.        You may also want to measure the transient response of the circuit using a square wave input.






1.        Use the formal report format for this lab. 


2.        Include printouts of signals that you used to determine the schematic of each circuit.  Describe the reasoning you used to infer the circuit schematic from the results you obtained.  If you have both frequency as well as transient results (recommended), discuss whether they are consistent with each other.


3.        If there are two circuits that you think would give the same transient and frequency characteristics that you obtained, you may include both in your report.


4.        Compare your measured results with theoretical ones based on your model.  You can, if you wish, use the Multisim or Matlab to do this.