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BIOL 022.  Neurobiology.  A study of the fundamentals of modern neuroscience, from the molecular to the systems levels.  The electrical and chemical signaling properties of neurons and their underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms are emphasized in the first half of the semester, and the functional organization of selected neural systems are considered in the second half.  Weekly laboratories involve neuroanatomical and neurophysiological techniques, as applied to invertebrate nervous systems.

BIOL 122.  Developmental Neurobiology.  Cellular and molecular mechanisms of nervous system development are the focus of this seminar, involving extensive reading and discussion of the research literature and independent laboratory projects.

BIOL 123.  Learning and Memory.  The neural systems and cellular processes involved in different types of learning and memory are studied through extensive reading and discussion of the research literature.  Students also develop research proposals and work in teams to conduct independent research projects.

BIOL 001.  Cellular and Molecular Biology.  A team-taught introduction to the study of living systems at the cellular and molecular level.  The fundamentals of biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics are illustrated in both lectures and labs with examples drawn from microbiology, neurobiology, and developmental biology.

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