Kevin Ross

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Supervised undegraduate research projects

"Simulation studies of controlled stochastic processing networks" (with Aashish Srinivas). Surdna Summer Research Fellowship, Swarthmore College, Summer 2011.

"A study of the free boundary of a two-dimensional singular stochastic control problem" (PDF) (with Leonid Pekelis). VIGRE undergaduate research project, Stanford University, Summer 2008.

Courses for 2011-2012:

STAT 11 - Statistical Methods (Fall 2011) Course information (.PDF)    Course goals (taken from the ASA GAISE college report) (.PDF)
STAT 111 - Statistics Seminar: Mathematical Statistics II (Spring 2012)
Access to course websites via Moodle

Courses for 2010-2011:

STAT 61 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Fall 2010) Course information (.PDF)
MATH 105 - Probability Seminar: Stochastic Processes (Spring 2011) Course information (.PDF)
MATH 295 (at Bryn Mawr College) - Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Spring 2011) Course information (.PDF)
Access to course websites via Blackboard

Courses for 2009-2010:

STAT 11 - Statistical Methods (Spring 2010) Course information (.PDF)
MATH 73 - Topics in Analysis: Probability and Measure (Spring 2010) Course information (.PDF)
STAT 61 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics (Fall 2009) Course information (.PDF)
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Courses taught in the past (at Stanford):

STAT219/MATH136 - Stochastic Processes (Autumn 2008)
Course Information (.PDF)
Lecture Notes (.PDF)
Movies: Brownian motion (.AVI)    Convergence of scaled random walks (.AVI)    Poisson process (.AVI)
Lecture slides:

Week 1  Measurable spaces  Random variables  Expected value    Week 6  Martingales  Martingales  Martingales (cont. time) 
Week 2  Law of RV, Convergence  Convergence, Uniform integrability  Independence    Week 7  Optional stopping  Optional stopping (cont. time)  Reflection principle 
Week 3  Conditional expectation  Conditional expectation  Conditional expectation    Week 8  Martingale convergence  Quadratic variation  Branching processes 
Week 4  Stochastic process basics  Gaussian processes  Random walk, Continuity criteria    Week 9  Markov chains  Markov processes  Poisson process 
Week 5  Brownian motion  Review (practice midterm sols)  Midterm (sols)    Week 10  Poisson process  Review  Review (practice final sols) 

STAT116 - Theory of Probability (Autumn 2008)
Course information (.PDF)

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STAT220 - Continuous Time Stochastic Control (Spring 2008)

Course information (.PDF)  
Draft lecture notes (.PDF)

STAT219/MATH136 - Stochastic Processes (Autumn 2007)

STAT217 - Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Winter 2007)

STAT219/MATH136 - Stochastic Processes (Autumn 2006)

Introduction to Statistics (at UNC-CH). Data analysis; sampling; basic probability (random variables, expected values, normal and binomial distirbutions); hypothesis testing and confidence intervals for means, proportions, and regression parameters; statistical applications using Microsoft Excel. (Spring 2005, Spring 2004, Summer 2003, Spring 2003.)