Howard Group Research

The research in our lab focuses on the use of magnetic resonance spectroscopy to investigate the structural and dynamic properties of membrane-bound molecules.
Membrane proteins (which comprise 25-30% of all proteins) carry out many important biological functions including transport of material across membrane and acting
as receptors. We are interested in developing and applying nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopic techniques
to the study membrane associated proteins.

Lab Members

Kathleen Howard (CV)
Mary Alice Upshur '12
Richard Chen '13
Matt Elkins '14
Shawn Kim '14
Tae Kim '14

Patrick Hartnett '11
Kei Saotome '11

Jessica Thomaston '10
Laura Wang '10
Julia Wrobel '10

Danny Lascano '10
Emily Brown '09
Ani Nguyen '08
Barry Zee '08
Melonie Jalloh '07
Natalie Negrey '07
Emily Ullman '06
Jessica Wong '06
Krisna Duong-Ly '05
Dina Aronzon '05
Akira Irie '03
Karen Lloyd ’00
Margaret Parker ’00
Valencia King ’99
Seth Garber ’99
Danielle Wall ’98

Lab Location

We are located on the second floor of the Chemistry and Biochemistry wing of the Science Center. Our laboratory is named after
Dr. Maxine Frank Singer, a noted biochemist, past president of the Carnegie Foundation and Swarthmore Class of 1952.

Lab Funding

We are very grateful for support from:

Swarthmore College
NIH AREA grant 1998-2001(GMS)
NSF CAREER award 2001-2006
Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar 2005-2010
Merck/AAAS USRP 2006-2009 Award
NIH AREA grant 2008-2011 (NIAID)
NIH AREA grant 2011-2014 (NIAID)

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Howard Publications

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