Howard Lab Photo Album

Howard Group 2012. Richard Chen '13, Tae Kim '14, Shawn Kim '14, Matt Elkins '14 and Mary Alice Upshur '12

Summer Group Picture 2010. Patrick Hartnett '11, Mary Alice Upshur '12, Kathleen Howard, Kei Saotome '11

Summer Group Picture 2009. Jessica Thomaston'10, Laura Wang '10, Julia Wrobel '10 Kathleen Howard.

Summer Group Picture 2008. Danny Lascano '10, Emily Brown '09, Kathleen Howard, Julia Wrobel '10.

Summer Group Picture 2007 Ani Nguyen '07, Barry Zee '08, Natalie Negrey '07, Melonie Jalloh '07, Kathleen Howard.

Barry Zee '08 Probing the Phase Behavior of Membrane Bilayers using 31P NMR spectroscopy,
EPR spin probes and Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Ani Nguyen '08
EPR spectroscopy of the C-terminal dowman of Influenza A M2 protein

Melonie Jalloh '07 Measuring Membrane Fluidity Using Fluorescence Polarization Spectroscopy

Natalie Negrey '07 EPR spectroscopy of the M2 protein from Influenza A

Jessica Wong '06 ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy of Membrane-Reconstituted Influenza A M2 Protein

Emily Ullman '06 Determining the Conformation of the C-terminal domain of the Influenza Protein M2 via EPR spectroscopy

Krisna Duong-Ly '05 EPR spectroscopy of a spin labeled transmembrane helical bundle

Dina Aronzon '05 Gel Electrophoresis to Probe Oligomerization of Transmembrane Peptides

Akira Irie '03 EPR Studies of Spin-Labeled Transmembrane Helical Bundles

Karen Lloyd '00 (left) Transmembrane Helical Peptides in Magnetically Oriented Membranes

Margaret Parker '00 (right) DOX Binding to Magnetically Oriented Membranes


Valencia King '99 (left) Development and Application of Magnetically Oriented Bicelles to the Study of Adriamycin/Cardiolipin Interaction

Seth Garber '99 (right) Development of Magnetically Oriented Phospholipid Bilayers for Spin Label EPR Studies

Kathleen Howard and Swarthmore's 400 MHz Bruker NMR


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