Figure 15-6
(see also Figure 6-30c)

Flexible Loop:

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A ribbon diagram of yeast triose phosphate isomerase (TIM) in complex with its transition state analog 2-phosphoglycolate. A single subunit of this homodimeric enzyme is initially viewed roughly along the axis of its α/β barrel. The enzyme's flexible loop (in its closed conformation) is initially cyan, and the side chains the of the catalytic Lys, His, and Glu residues are blue, magenta, and red, respectively. The 2-phosphoglycolate is represented by a space-filling model colored according to atom type (C, green; O, red; P, yellow). Click on the flexible loop 'Open' button to view the open conformation of the flexible loop (now shown in green); Click on the 'Close' button to bring back the closed conformation. [X-ray structure by Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University. PDBids 1YPI and 2YPI.]