Probability office hours.

\(\sum \limits_{n=1}^n 2i-1 = n^2 \)

This semester

This semester I am teaching Probability (STAT 51) and Combinatorics (MATH 69). If you are in these classes, please log in to Moodle for course information.

Next semester

Next semester I will be teaching Modern Algebra (MATH 67) and Calculus II (MATH 25). If you are thinking of taking either of these classes, please come stop by and introduce yourself.

Reading courses

If you are interested in doing a reading course with me, please send me an email detailing:

  • the topic,
  • the texts you will be reading (textbooks or research papers),
  • a brief summary of why it is important that you study this topic instead of taking a regular class,
  • and lastly why you think that I am the right professor to guide you through the material.

Once you have provided me with this information I will be able to assess whether I can mentor you through a reading course. Please be aware that I am not able to mentor reading courses some semesters due to other constraints.

Letters of recommendation

If you are a current or former student who would like me to write you a letter of recommendation, please ask me as early as possible. In order for me to write you the best letter possible, you will need to provide me with

  • a list of classes you have taken from me and the grades you earned
  • highlights of your work from those classes, i.e. writing assignments, presentation problems, etc.
  • a description of the program to which you are applying
  • all materials, including a resume or c.v., a personal statement, or a proposal that you are submitting as part of your application
  • all guidelines or information for letter writers
  • specific attributes or accomplishments I should be sure to highlight in my letter.

Past courses

I have taught the following courses at Swarthmore College, Smith College, University of North Texas, and University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

  • PreCalculus (UMass)
  • Calculus I (UMass)
  • Calculus II (UMass)
  • Multivariable Calculus (UMass, Smith, UNT)
  • Linear Algebra (Smith, Swarthmore)
  • Discrete Math (Swarthmore)
  • Probability (Swarthmore)
  • Combinatorics (Swarthmore)
  • Graph Theory (UNT)
  • Abstract Algebra II: Galois Theory (UNT)