At Berkshire East

I am an algebraic combinatorist working on problems from algebraic geometry and Schubert calculus. I also have an ongoing collaboration in combinatorial molecular biology. For more information on any of my current or past projects see my research page.

This semester I am teaching Discrete Math (Math 29) and Linear Algebra (Math 27). If you are a student , please log on to Moodle to see the course material: Moodle for course information.

Over the summer I worked with two student interns in the SPEED program run by Swarthmore's Media Services department to put together this website about reflections and reflection groups, one of a areas of research.

If you are interested in doing research with in combinatorics, algebra, or algebraic geometry, try some of these introductory problems to get a feel for what we might work on:

For more information about me, take a look at my about me page.

You can email me at edrelli1 (at)