Directions to have PCB manufactured

Having a PCB manufactured requires two steps: 1) Create the files, and 2) Send the files to the PCB manufacturer.

1. Creating the files

From Ultiboard:

  1. Route the board (using autorouter)

  2. Check for design rule violations (Design→DRC and Netlist Check).

  3. Check that all connections are complete (Design→Connectivity Check - then check "All Nets"

  4. Export the necessary Gerber file (objects with shapes):

  5. Export the necessary drill files:

  6. These are all the files needed to manufacture the board.

Do as described above, but in step 4 also add the layers "Silkscreen Top," "Solder Mask Top" and "Solder Mask Bottom."


2. Sending the files to a manufacturer the files

I usually use which gets the boards back in about 3 days and you can use a college purchase order.  The cost is about $50 to $60 for two 3"x4" boards (you need to order an even number).  You can zip the files together and send to APCircuits (see their web page for details).  I use their free program "APClient.exe" (available on their web page) which prompts you for all the information they need.

You can use (typically $80 to $100 for two 3"x4" board) using the procedure above.   It usually takes about a week.

If you are a student, you can use (see their web page for details about how to submit the files.).  They usually have a promotion going that will give you a single board for $33 (again, in about a week), and they often send a small gift (popcorn, pizza coupon, T-shirt...).  They won't take a college purchase order.