Rules regarding labs in Hicks 309, 310 and 314

There are many people who use the labs on the third floor of Hicks, so it is up to everybody to keep them useable.

Before you leave the lab at the end of the day, make sure you have cleaned up everything you used, so the lab is at least as clean as it was when you got there.

Put everything away that you took out.  This means spending a few minutes to sort through any resistors, capacitors, cables, meters, integrated circuits... to put them back where they belong.  There is nobody to come by and clean things up that you leave out.

If you must leave a circuit or project to be worked on later, put it in a drawer or cabinet, along with your name, the course number and the date.  There are plenty of empty cabinets in the room.


Rules regarding the electronics shop (Hicks 313)

In order to make life easier for everybody we have institued a policy regarding taking equipment and supplies from the Electronics Shop (Ed Jaoudi's shop, Hicks 313).   When something is taken without Ed's knowledge, it is unfair to the next person who needs it (faculty, staff, or student) when it can't be found. So...

Before you take anything from the shop, you must sign it out.  There is a signout sheet with specific directions on the door to his shop, so you can't miss it on your way out.  If Ed is there you should also tell him what you are taking.   This policy applies to everybody.  Even if a professor told you to take something from the shop, you must sign it out.

If you take something, and there are only a few (or none) left you should leave a note for Ed, so we can order more if necessary.

As part of the sign-out, you must give a date when you will be finished with whatever you took.  That way it can be retrieved if somebody else needs it, and you forgot to return it (but try not to forget).

If you are looking for something in his shop, and he is there, tell him what you are looking for.

Please be respectful that the Electronic's Shop is Ed's space, and that he needs to be able to keep it organized (for him and for us).

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