E58 Assignments

We will go over any questions on the homework the class before it is due (due date is on moodle page - homework is due at my office first thing in the morning).  If somebody in the class has a question about a problem that has your initials next to it, you are responsible for presenting an outline of the solution in class (not the entire solution, but enough to answer questions and get everybody working in the right direction). If you have questions about the problem you are to present (or any others), please come see me - but please don't do so right before class.   Late homework will be penalized 25%, and won't be accepted after 1 week.

Assignment 01:  2.8 (cc), 2.9 (hd), 2.12 (jk), 2.14 (ek), 2.19 (don't include gravity) (tl), 2.25 (cm), 2.29 (sm), 2.32 (vp)  Solution

Assignment 02:  B.1 abc (sr), B.3 abd (eu), B.9 (cc),  B.11 (hd), 4.2 (jk), Sketch the Bode Plot of the system in 4.2 (ek), 4.15 (tl)  Solution

Unless otherwise specified, you may use MATLAB in places where problem requests Simulink in this and future assignments.

Assignment 03:  4.5 cm, 4.6 vp, 4.10 sr, 4.12 eu, 4.17 cc, 4.20 hd, 4.28 jk, 4.31 ek  Solution

Assignment 04:  5.3 rl, 5.10 cm, 5.14 vp, 5.16 sr, 5.20 eu Solution

Assignment 05: 6.1 i-v cc, 6.4 hd, 6.11 jk, 6.17 ek, 7.1 tl, 7.3 (assume H(s) is of form (K/(s+a)(s+b)(s+c)) cm, 7.4 vp. Solution

Assignment 06: 7.8ab sr, 7.8cd eu, 7.12 cc, 7.25 hd, 7.30 jk Solution

Assignment 07: 8.5 ek, 8.10 tl, 8.13 cm, 8.20 vp, 9.3 sr, 9.7 eu, 9.10 cc, 9.12 hd Solution

Assignment 08: 11.12 jk, 11.13 ek, 11.16 tl, 11.20 cm, 12.11 vp, 12.16 sr, 12.18 eu, Repeat 12.18 but use Simulink to plot c(t) as well as c(kT) for T=0.1 and T=2 cc


Class list: cc, hd, jk, ek, tl, cm, vp, sr, eu