ENGR 058 - Control Theory, 2014

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Course Information

Instructor: Erik Cheever, Hicks 305, x8076, echeeve1@swarthmore.edu
Please feel free to drop by anytime for help.  If you are having trouble finding me, please send email.
Meeting time & place: MWF 11:30-12:20, Hicks 211
Lab time & place: Self Scheduled, Hicks 310
Text: Feedback Control Systems, 5th edition by Phillips and Parr, Prentice Hall


Coursework Weight
Exam #1 1/2 Exams weighted equally
but lowest grade weighted
 half as much as others.
Exam #2
Exam #3
(lowest grade will be dropped)
Labs 1/6
Project 1/6

Policy on working with others

Homework: I encourage you to work together on homework, but don't blindly copy another students work.  You should fully understand all solutions to homework before submitting them.
Labs & Projects: I expect labs to be done as a group with your lab partners.  You may discuss your lab report with other groups, but you may not copy anything from their reports.  Each group will submit a single report (with all members of the group listed).
Exams: Exams are to be solely your own work.  The format of exams may vary, but it is never permissible to seek help from another individual. Any outside sources (texts, internet) that are not explicitly allowed in the exam instructions may not be used.

Accommodation Statement



Course Outcomes

As part of our accreditation, each course we teach has desired educational outcomes associated with it. The outcomes for this course are listed below.

Students analyze systems for stability using Routh-Horwitz, root-locus, and Nyquist/Bode plots
Students design systems on paper (or with computer) to meet given specifications.
Students design and implement systems in the lab to meet given specifications.
Students use MatLab/Simulink, as appropriate, to solve problems and design systems.