Servo Erector Set Sub-assemblies

Here are some pictures of ways to connect the various components available.  More are available at the lynxmotion website.

HUB-08 and HUB-09 connected to an aluminum tube.

HMSH-02 connected to ASB-19 (using 2-56 screws; screws are specified by size-threads per inch)

HUB-09 connect to ASB-19 with 4-40 screws

HUB-09 connected to a servo bracket

Hinge made from HMSH-02, PSH-03 and ASB-03 (could also use ASB-05)

Servo connected to ASB-24 bracket (fasteners aren't shown)

Servo connect to base.  The height of the servo is adjustable.  The base can be connected to a table with a clamp.