Allowable Quartus Warnings

As you use Quartus you will find that you get many warnings during a compilation process.  Some of these are important, some deal with minor issues.  As you work with Quartus, the following warnings are acceptable.  Other warnings should be fixed.

Allowable warnings.

Analysis and Synthesis


Timing Analyzer:

You can get the critical warnings to go away if you open a new Design Constraint File (go to File→New→Other Files→Synopsis Design Constraints File and add the following lines and then save the file
    create_clock -name {CLOCK_50} -period 20.000 -waveform { 0.000 10.000 } [get_ports {CLOCK_50}]

Iif you do this the critical errors are gone but you'll generate another (non-critical) warning: Warning (332153): Family doesn't support jitter analysis. which you can ignore.