ENGR 012 - Linear Physical Systems Analysis, 2021

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Lab 0
(Matrices and MATLAB)

Lab 1
(Impulse response)

Lab 2
(Numerical Solutions)

Lab 3
(Coupled Pendula)

Lab 4
(Fourier Series & Superposition)


(*) E12 Assignments: I will try to post some of the assignment early in the week, so you can get started on it.  Whatever is posted by noon on Friday is the final assignment. Assignments are due Mondays by noon unless otherwise specified.  They are to be turned in as a single pdf (no jpeg, no multiple files) on moodle   If you are scanning or using your phone, please make sure that the pdf is readable.

(†) files link has presentations, old exams, class handouts, resources for labs, MATLAB code examples from class.... This is a shared Google drive folder - you'll need to be logged in to your Swarthmore account to access it.

Course Information

Instructor: Erik Cheever, email:echeeve1, calendar
Please feel free to drop by anytime for help.  If you are having trouble finding me, please send email so we can set up an appointment.
Lecture: MWF 8:00-8:50 (zoom link is on moodle page)
Post Lecture Q&A /
Office Hours :
MWF 4:00-5:00 I will be at the class zoom link at 4:00 and stay until 5:00, unless nobody is present for 10-15 minutes straight.
If you can't make it at 4:00, let me know and I will be sure to be there.
Other office hours: By request (send me an email)
Lab: MW 2:00-4:00 You will be expected to come to lab once every other week. Specific schedule TBD.
Problem session: F 2:00-4:00 I will be at the class zoom link at 2:00 and stay until 4:00, unless nobody is present. If you can't make it at 2:00, let me know and I will be sure to be there.
Academic Resources Coordinator: Ann Ruether, aruethe1
Wizards: Sunday, 7:00-9:00 (zoom link is on moodle page)
Text: This course has no printed textbook, but you can use the following as references: An online "textbook" is available here.


Coursework Approximate Weighting
Exam #1 50% Exams count equally toward grade
except lowest score which is weighted
 half as much as others.
Exam #2
Exam #3
lowest grade will be dropped
Labs 25% Labs count equally toward grade
except lowest score which is weighted
 half as much as others.

Policy on working with others

Homework: We encourage you to work together on homework, but don't blindly copy another students work. You should fully understand all solutions to homework before submitting them.
Labs & Projects: We expect labs to be done as a group with your lab partners. You may discuss your lab report with other groups, but you may not copy anything from their reports. Each group will submit a single report (with all members of the group listed).
Exams: Exams are to be solely your own work. The format of exams may vary, but it is never permissible to seek help from another individual. Any outside sources (texts, internet) that are not explicitly allowed in the exam instructions may not be used.

Accommodation Statement

If you believe you need accommodations for a disability or a chronic medical condition, please contact Student Disability Services (Parrish 113W) via email at studentdisabilityservices@swarthmore.edu to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs. As appropriate, the Office will issue students with documented disabilities or medical conditions a formal Accommodations Letter. Since accommodations require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact Student Disability Services as soon as possible. For details about the accommodations process, visit the Student Disability Services website. You are also welcome to contact me [the faculty member] privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged, in advance, through Student Disability Services.