E11 Lab #6
In lab

Before you start this lab, be sure to read the lab rules.

Black Box


You may not speak with other groups about your results; each group is to work independently. 

Identify what is in each of the boxes (labeled 2-5), without opening the box.  You have 30 minutes with each box. 

Each box contains at most three elements (resistors, inductors, capacitors), but no more than one capacitor and no more than one inductor (but perhaps one of each).

All time constants and periods of oscilation are between 10 µS and 10 mS.

All second order circuits are underdamped.

All resistors are between 100Ω and 100kΩ.

You may use any of the lab instruments (except for a screwdriver to open the box), ohmmeter, oscilloscope, function generator...

You can use any software tools in your analysis.

The circuit in the box is as shown below. Your task is to determine the circuit elements comprising Z1, Z2 and Z3.

Black Box


Z1 is some combination of resistors, capacitors and inductors.  For example Z1 could be a parallel or series combination of 2 elements (a resistor and capacitor, or a capacitor and inductor...).

Z2, likewise, is some combination of resistors, capacitors and inductors.

Z3 may be a single resistor, capacitor or inductor, or it may simply be a wire.



Before You Leave

Make sure the lab is cleaned up, and that you have all the information you will need for your report (see below).

Things you need for your report.

email me with any comments on how to improve the information on this page (either presentation or content), or to let me know if you had any particular difficulties with this lab.