E11 Lab 3


Part 1: The touch screen

On the I/O box:

I/O box

connect Ground and +5V to the corresponding places on the touch screen apparatus:

touch screen apparatus

Make the following measurements (using a voltmeter):

Now, hook up the C0 output to the Chan 0 input on the I/O box (this is one of the A/D inputs).  Connect C1 to Chan 1.  Connect P0.0 on touch screen board to P0.0 on I/O box (this is a digital output from the I/O box); make sure to disconnect this from ground or +5V.  (Some useful MatLab code snippets - Note: the code is (for the most part) uncommented.  If you choose to use any of it, please add comments, as appropriate, before turning it in.)

Part 2: Building a circuit permanently

For this part of the lab you will build a simple circuit with a couple of oscillators.  We will analyze it next week.  Ed Jaoudi will help you solder together a version of the circuit shown below.  Directions are here.

Schematic pdf version of circuit diagram.

Before You Leave

Make sure the lab is cleaned up, and that you have all the information you will need for your report.

email me with any comments on how to improve the information on this page (either presentation or content), or to let me know if you had any particular difficulties with this lab.