E11 Course Information

Course Instructor: Erik Cheever, Hicks 305, x8076. echeeve1@swarthmore.edu
My schedule: Feel free to drop by anytime I am in my office. If you are having trouble contacting me, either call or email me.
Lab Instructor: Mike Pivoso, Hicks 309
Lecture time & place: MWF 8:30-9:20, Sci 199
Review Session time & place: Friday 2:15 in Hicks 211.
Lab time & place: Lab is in Hicks 312, Mondays and Wednesdays.
Text: Principles and Applications of Electrical Engineering 6th Edition, by Rizzoni and Kearns, McGraw Hill

Note: You must buy a copy of the text, some of the homework will be done using a web-based system tied to the text. You can buy a bound copy with electronic access (for more money), or an electronic copy (for considerably less money). If you opt for the electronic copy, you can get an unbound paper copy for about $40.

Register for the course at: http://connect.mheducation.com/class/e-cheever-fall-2015
Moodle page: Link
Meeting with me: Check my schedule for office hours (I will try hard to be available then), but feel free to drop by anytime I am in my office. If you are having trouble contacting me, either call or email me.


Coursework Weight
Midterm exam and Final
(Lowest score counts half as much as others)
Homework (Turned in)
(Lowest homework will be dropped)
Homework (Electronically graded)
(Lowest homework will be dropped)

Labs 25%

Policy on working together

Homework: I encourage you to work together on homework, but don't blindly copy another students work.  You should fully understand all solutions to homework before submitting them.
Labs: I expect labs to be done as a group.  Each group will submit a single report (with all members of the group listed). 
Groups should work independently of one another - you may discuss particular issues, but do not share data or reports.
Exams: Exams are to be solely your own work.  The format of exams will vary, but it is never permissible to seek help from another individual.

Statement on Accommodations

If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact Leslie Hempling in the Office of Student Disability Services (Parrish 113) or email lhempli1@swarthmore.edu to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs. As appropriate, she will issue students with documented disabilities a formal Accommodations Letter. Since accommodations require early planning and are not retroactive, please contact her as soon as possible. For details about the accommodations process, visit the Student Disability Service Website. You are also welcome to contact me privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged through Leslie Hempling in the Office of Student Disability Services.