Erik Cheever's Bike Ride Cue Sheets
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These routes are just suggestions and may not be completely accurate, and some of the roads have significant traffic.  You should take along a good local road map, in case there are errors, detours, or you are not comfortable with the level of traffic.

If you are new to road riding, you might want to brush up on good safe road riding techniques. One resource is here.

Rides with cue sheets (and maps)

Rides around Media, PA

Media to Swarthmore - Direct route
This is a 4.5 mile ride from Media to Swarthmore that avoids main roads.  It is the one I use to commute to work.

Media to Swarthmore - Indirect route
This is a 10 mile ride from Media to Swarthmore, not the most direct route.  Most of the roads are nice for biking and there is a three mile flat stretch along Chester Creek.

Media to Chadd's Ford (at the Wawa at Rte 100 and Rte 1)  (22 miles)
There are several ways to do this route; This page has a 22 mile route that goes through Delaware.  I plan on adding some variations to this route.  

Chadd's Ford to Media  (18 miles)
This connects to the previous route to form a 40 mile loop.  This is a very pleasant ride.

Media to Glenn Mills to Concord loop (20 miles)
A 20 mile loop, relatively hilly.

Media to West Chester  (16 miles)
From Media (Delaware County seat) to West Chester (Chester County seat).

West Chester to Lancaster (41 miles)

Media to Conshohocken  (17 miles)
This route goes up to Conshohocken.  I have family in Montgomery and Bucks Counties, and take this route to Conshohocken.  Other routes (below) connect at Conshohocken -- including one into the city along the Schuylkill valley trail.

Conshohocken to Doylestown  (24 miles)
The title says it all.  Mostly a flat route except for first hill on Joshua road to get out of Schuylkill valley.

Conshohocken to Hatboro  (15 miles) 
(alternate route)

Conshohocken to Valley Forge (9 miles)

Conshohocken to Philly Art Museum (15 miles)

Philadelphia (Art Museum) to Media (15 Miles)

Media to Manayunk (through Haverford) (15 Miles)

Manayunk to Media (through West Philly and Bicyclists Baltimore Pike) (20 miles)

Valley Forge to Media (20 miles)

Media to New Tripoli (west of Allentown - 66 Miles)

New Tripoli to West Chester (76 Miles)

Media, PA to Sea Isle City, NJ (87 Miles)

Philadelphia, PA to Washington, DC
This is a trip I took one summer from my home in Media, PA (just outside Philadelphia) to my parents home in Bethesda, MD (just outside Washington, DC).  I did it in three days with stops in Lancaster, PA and Union Bridge, MD where my sisters live.  Lancaster was right on the way, but going to Union Bridge added some total length to the trip.  I really wanted to stay off of busy roads, so there are lots of turns.

Washington to Philadelphia (Not my own cue sheet)

Media, PA to Washington, DC (via Allentown) (No camping - 245 miles in 4 days)
A 4 day trip to Washington staying overnight with friends/family.  Not a direct route

Loop tour from Media, to Media - Through South Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (Camping - 280 miles in 5 days)

Loop tour from Media, to Media - Through Lancaster, Baltimore and Eastern Shore (No camping - 269 miles in 4 days)


How I made my maps and cue sheets

New Method:

Old Method: I used to make all my maps with Topo USA (East) software from DeLorme.  It costs about $50 dollars and lets you make maps with topographics profiles (and cue sheets, though I find these need some editing).

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