2010 running stats

I ran every day in 2010.
Total mileage: 3211 miles (8.8 miles per day)
Minimum daily mileage: 2 miles
Maximum daily mileage: 15 miles
Number of different people I ran with: 105 (by my best count)

Number of races run: 49 (5 indoor track, 2 outdoor track, 42 road)
Course records: 4 (two at Red Rooster Ramble, one at Rhode Races, one at Kingston Fireman's)
Personal records set: 10 (one in the 400, two in the 3k, three in the 5k, two in the 6k, one in the 5-mile, one in the half marathon).
PR progressions:
400m: (68.9), 65.0
3k: (10:32.75), 10:22.25, 10:21.95
5k: (18:26), 18:24, 18:21, 17:40
6k: (23:22), 22:24, 22:22
5-mile: (30:24), 30:09
half marathon: (1:30:47), 1:25:59

Total spent on race entry fees: $557
Cash and equivalents won in races: $1558
Other things won in/at races: Two aluminum water bottles (red and silver), a bottle of wine (white), a Del's lemonade-scented candle, a shopping bag, two baseball caps, a plastic water bottle, two plaques, a large duffel bag with the race logo, a picnic blanket, a small duffel bag, two medals, a matching Brooks shirt and shorts running suit, a mystery novel written by the race director, a bottle of champagne, two trophies, a case of Bud Light Limey 7-oz bottles, a yoga mat, and two pies (apple and pumpkin). I kept everything except for the baseball hats, the duffel bags, and the yoga mat (I gave them away).

T-shirts obtained: 21 (11 cotton, 10 synthetic).
Progress towards T-shirt quilt (cotton shirts from races I won):
Stonington Six (vintage)
RehabGym Community Run '07
Blossom Run '09
Cox '09
Kingston Fireman's '09
Super 5k
Stonington Six
Kingston Fireman's
Saunders at Rye Harbor
Profit or loss on the season? Profit.

Here is a graph of my 2010 mileage:

Here is a graph of mileage in 2008, 2009 and 2010 all together:

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