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To use this converter, find the world record for the race you ran in the green column, and use that and your race time in the form below to calculate your performance index for that race. Type that decimal number into the "Your index" box below. Then read up and down the blue column to see performances that are equivalent to yours. Note: All record times are for females.

What is your performance index?
If the world record is hours, minutes and seconds and your time was hours, minutes and seconds,
your performance index is .
Your index        
Distance World Record Time Your equivalent    
400 indoor 00:49,6      
400 outdoor 00:47,6      
800 indoor 01:55,8      
800 outdoor 01:53,3      
800 hs 02:00,1      
1000 y in est      
1000 y in hs estt      
1500 indoor 03:57,7      
1500 outdoor 03:50,5      
1500 in hs 04:18,9      
mile indoor 04:17,1      
mile in hs 04:38,5      
mile outdoor 04:12,6      
3k indoor 08:27,9      
3k outdoor 08:06,1      
3k hs 09:08,6      
2 mi in hs 09:55,9      
2.75 mi est 12:53,0      
3 mi est hs 15:00,0      
5k track 14:11,2      
5k road 14:46,0      
5k hs 15:52,9      
5k world jr 14:45,9      
4 mi road 19:28,0      
5 mi road 24:27,0      
10k track 29:31,8      
10k road 30:21,0      
half marathon 1:06:25      
10 miles road 0:50:01      
marathon 2:15:25      
marathon hs 2:34:24      
marathon jr 2:23:27      
2k erg LW 06:56,7      

Uses: This is not a predictor; so if you just ran a 5:21 indoor mile, there is no indication that you would have run a 2:49 marathon that day. It is more useful for such comparisons as, "I can run an 800 in 2:30 and a half marathon in 1:40; which distance am I better at?"

Abbreviations: y = yards; in = indoor; est = estimated (no official world record for this distance); hs = high school; jr = junior; LW = lightweight

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