Running Calculators
Because Babylonian arithmetic is tedious.

How fast did you go?
If you ran miles in :,
you ran at a pace of : per mile.
If you instead ran miles, it would take you ::.
If you instead ran for :, you would go miles.

How far did you go?
If you ran for : at a pace of : seconds per mile,
you ran miles.

How long will it take?
If you run miles at a pace of minutes and seconds per mile,
it will take you : : .

Track pace
kilometers in : is per 200m.

Popular distances:
3k = 1.86411358 miles
5k = 3.10685596 miles
6k = 3.72822715 miles
10k = 6.21371192 miles
12k = 7.45645431 miles
half marathon = 13.109375 miles
marathon = 26.21875 miles