Star Salad


This 5-pointed star salad mold has been on our Christmas dinner table for many years.


Jello in 3 colors: red, yellow and green.  Thus you need 1 (small) box of each of these kinds of jello.

Maraschino cherries, whole

Canned fruits such as pears, crushed pineapple, fruit cocktail, white grapes to provide color contrast and texture.

We use three flavors and colors of jello: green, yellow, and red.  You can choose any flavor of jello that you like that will result in these colors (ex: cherry, raspberry, strawberry, etc for the red).  We usually have the green jello on the top when the jello is served, although you could do it in reverse and have red.  Have the yellow flavor in the middle for color contrast.

Make all three jellos at about the same time.  The one going in the pan first, that will ultimately be on the bottom gets the ice cubes added to it for the cold water (or cold juice drained from canned fruit).  For the last layer, just use cool water or juice so it will set up more slowly.

Green layer (lime) I usually add sliced pears or some other light fruit, with Marsaschino cherries at each of the points of the stars and five cherries in the middle.  These need to be added after the jello has set for a while and is quite firm so they won’t move when you our on the middle (yellow) layer).  They will end up on the top of the served salad

The center, yellow (lemon) flavor I often add fruit cocktail (only time of year I use it!).

Red layer I often use crushed pineapple.  

Key things to remember.  After dissolving each of the gelatins, add about half of the liquid suggested.  It can be water or fruit juices.  I usually use the drained juices if Daddy didn’t drink them!  They add flavor.  But go minimal from the standard jello recipe since you will be un-molding this and you want it to jell well.  

It is important to add the 2nd and 3rd layer as soon as the previous layer is set enough for them lay on top of it, usually 30 minutes in the refrigerator.  If you wait too long, they will likely slide off of one another when un-molded..oops!  

To serve, chill the flat ceramic/glass platter on which you will serve it.  

To unmold, have a pan of hot water (larger than the star mold; measure!).   While holding the mold on the edges, quickly, perhaps 2-3 seconds, hold the mold in the hot water to loosen it.  Jiggle the mold to see if it slightly comes away from the edges.  If it is still very tight, place in to water another couple seconds.  When slightly loose, place the cold serving pate upside down over the mold and carefully flip.  Voila!  Magic.  You did it!  Enjoy!