Green Dream

Originally Lime Jello Salad, a true original from Nebraska in the 1970’s

1 box lime jello

1 cup crushed pineapple (or more to taste)

1 cup cottage cheese (more or less to taste)

Pour 1 cup boiling water over the jello powder and stir well with a whisk (better than a spoon) until all crystals (on the sides too) are dissolved.

After a few minutes, I usually make it the quick method and add a bunch of ice cubes and stir until they are dissolved and it is getting thick.  Remove the extra ice cubes.  

You can drain the crushed pineapple and add the juice instead of any extra cold water/ice cubes.  I usually just add the pineapple, juice and all, and use the minimum ice cubes so that it ultimately comes out to about “1 cup cold water,”  as it says on the jello box.

Pour in a clear glass bowl so you can see the color.  

Refrigerate the jello and pineapple mixture until it is thick, but not solid (maybe 30 minutes).  Add the cottage cheese and thoroughly stir it in so all is the same light green color.  Stir occasionally as it sets so it doesn’t separate into layers.

Or you can add the cottage cheese when you add the pineapple and just stir several times as it is cooling in the refrigerator so it stays mixed up, or it may separate into layers.

There you have it, your very own Green Dream.  Isn’t that a far more interesting title than Lime Jello Salad? !!  Grandma’s church dinners had good food!