Easter Nests

7 oz. jar marshmallow crème

1/4 cup creamy peanut butter

1 3/4 T butter, melted

2 1/2 cups chow mein noodles

1 cup plain M & Ms, chopped

1 cup peanut M & Mss

Chop the plain M & Ms if desired (I don’t).  Use a chef knife, keeping the point down, then bringing the blade down carefully with both hands, so the M & Ms don’t skitter.

Mix the marshmallow crème, peanut butter and melted butter in a mixing bowl and beat until evenly mixed.  Add the chow mein noodles and the chopped M & Ms to the creamed mixture and stir by hand.  (I just add a cup of plain M & Ms, or more)

Using a heaping tablespoon (I use more) of the mixture, drop a mound onto a lightly buttered cookie sheet.  I use wax paper on it.

With buttered fingers, form each mound into a rounded shape and make an indent in the middle to make them look like little nests.  It’s messy, and spray your fingers with spray oil if need be.  Depends on size, but this usually makes about a dozen nests, if you don’t sample too much!

Add Peanut M & Ms (if desired, I use plain) to make them look like they are filled with eggs.  Set them aside to allow them to firm up.  Even for a couple days!  

When serving/sharing, I always cut circles of wax paper under them since they are greasy and could stain something else.  

Now you can make your own since I’m not there to make them for you!  Love, Mommy