It is always difficult to decide how to interpret and how to weigh student evaluations.

Swarthmore does not have a regular method for gathering student evaluations. Departments solicit letters from students when faculty positions are renewed. Below is a link to a letter which includes excerpts of my evaluations.

Michigan does a lot of student evaluation. There is a midsemester review and feedback process that the math department coordinates with the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT). The evaluations below are just the University end-of-the-semester questionnaires. I've listed all the data and I'm trying to transcribe the comments from the backs of the questionnaires.

The Brown evaluations are nicely presented. There are numerical answers to questions (which again, I don't feel is all that useful). There are also, however, summaries of the written comments. I don't have all the numerical data up yet. I think the summaries are more useful, anyway.

A letter with excerpts of confidential student evaluations from Swarthmore College:

During the Fall of 1997, letters evaluating my teaching were solicited from many of my Swarthmore students. With the permission of the students quoted, the Acting Chair compiled excerpts from these letters into a letter of his own. Here is a copy of that letter.

Student Reviews from the University of Michigan:

I am not so convinced that these kinds of numbers give a very good impression of my teaching (or anyone else's). For instance the question "Grades fairly determined" was answered before the students received their final grades in the course. I will add student comments to the remaining pages as soon as possible. To be fair I will post all comments, not just my selection. Perhaps this is dangerous. I hope you will take this into account, if you're evaluating me using the information on this web site. By the way, Michigan is on a semester schedule, but they name their semesters "Fall" and "Winter."

I found that the UM students were more harsh than Brown students with the number "scores" on their evaluations. Please be sure to read the comments at the end which I think give a better impression of my teaching.

Student Reviews from Brown University:

The following are excerpts from the Brown University Critical Review, a publication written by students in order to give other students information about courses and instructors when they are registering for the next semester's classes. The reviews are based on evaluations filled out by students who took the course during the previous semester.

Please keep in mind that these are evaluations from my first few classes. I've gotten much better. ;-)