Christopher Towse


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Office: DuPont 178
Phone: (610) 690-6827


Mailing Address:

Teaching Schedule:

Fall 1998
Math 9, Discrete Mathematics Section 2 MWF, 10:30-11:20, Trotter 303.
Math 18, Several Variable Calculus Section 1 MWF, 11:30-12:20, Kohlberg 115.
Math 6B, Calculus II B Section 1 (Second Half of the semester only!) MWF, 9:30-10:20, Dupont 139.

Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-3PM, Thursdays and Fridays 1-2PM, or by appointment.
And you can always just drop by.

Education and Academic Employment

S.B.. in Mathematics, MIT, 1988.
S.M., Ph.D. in Mathematics, Brown University, 1993.
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, 1993 -- 1996.

Research Interests

Weierstrass Points, Arithmetic Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Riemann surfaces.

A few papers

Weierstrass Points on Cyclic Covers of the Projective Line , Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 348 (1996) 3355--3378.

Weierstrass Weights of Fixed Points of an Involution, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 122 no. 3 (1997), 385--392.

Generalized Wronskians and Weierstrass Weights, Pac. J. Math., to appear. <--just accepted.

Lambda-continued fraction representations of the units of some Hecke groups, with D. Rosen, in preparation.

Student Evaluations

I've transcribed some of my student reviews for your perusal.

Just a few Links

Interested in the Putnam Competition? Here is a site at Wesleyan University with a lot of good information including solutions to this year's competition.

The Number Theory Web lists many resources.
Also, Joe Silverman has a good list of math sites which are close to my own research interests.

Everyone should be able to link to the American Mathematical Society,
the Mathematical Association of America
and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

This summer, I supervised an undergraduate research project together with Tom Hunter and Gene Klotz. The results of that project can be found (for now at least) at this link, created by Nicole Bouttenot and Tushar Parlikar. Tushar and Nicole are both Class of '01 at Swarthmore.

For a non-math link, all I have is a list of Schoolhouse Rock Lyrics for now.
Also, check out the M&M page. Fun, if you have a color screen.

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