Brown University MA5, Fall 1990, Student Reviews:

Analytic Geometry and Calculus

Total Enrollment: 20 Respondents: 11
Frosh: 11 Sophs: 4 Jrs: 1 Srs: 2 Others: 2
Concentrators: 0 Non-Concentrators: 11 Don't Know: 3
Course Format: lecture


Mathematics 5, "Analytic Geometry and Calculus," is a course intended for students with relatively poor math backgrounds - one of its main focuses is to alleviate "math anxiety" in students who need to know math, or just want to become more comfortable with it. There are no prerequisites, and virtually all students taking Math 5 go on to take Math 6.

Based on the questionnarires, students seemed pleased with Professor [sic] Towse's ablility to teach the material in a coherent, logical manner. Students found him witty, well prepared, and he seemed to take a real interest in each student. His ability to give clear, consise explanations of the material was much needed, and the class appreciated the fact that he was able to do this.

Work for the course included one homework set per week which solidified recently learned material, a couple of queizzes, two hour exams, and a final. The homework took each student only an hour or two, and most felt the assignments did a good job of covering the material without becoming too difficult. There were no sections for TAs, but no student indicated that this was a problem.

For most students, Math 5 presented them with the opportunity to become more confident with theri math abilities. Many mentioned that they still did not like math much, but frlt much better about their ability to solve tougher math problems thy might encounter in other classes. A couple of studnts mentioned that they wre quite pleased with the facti taht they leaned elementary calculus - a subject they had previously treated as impossible.

Overall, it seems that both Math 5 and Professor Towse did a good job of fulfilling the course's basic aims. At the end of the semester, students found their math abilities sharpened, and for some, their love of the subject increased as well.


Ratings: 1(best/agree) through 5 (worst/disagree)







Stimulation of my interest in subject

Enthusiasm about subject

Facilitated understanding of material

Was aware of level of understanding

Organization and preparedness


Writing Assignments

Were of reasonable length

Were clearly stated

Grader's comments were helpful

Homework sets were helpful


Were challenging

Covered what I expected them to cover

Quizzes were helpful

General Information

This course was challenging

I learned a lot from this course

I will take more courses in department

I loved this course