Brown University MA29, Spring 1992, Student Reviews:

Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations

Total Enrollment: 32 Respondents: 23
Frosh: 25 Sophs: 4 Jrs: 0 Srs: 2 Others: 0
Concentrators: 1 Non-Concentrators: 19 Don't Know: 3
Course Format: lecture


Mathematics 29, "Intermediate Calculus and Differential Equations," with Professor [sic] Towse covers topics similar to those covered in Math 18: three-dimensional analytic geometry, multi-variable calculus, and first and second order differential equations. The prerequisite is Mathematics 10, and it can't be taken in addition to Mathematics 18 or 35. The course is intended for physics, engineering, and economics concentrators.

Professor Towse is an excellent instructor who takes a genuine interest in teaching. His enthusiasm, clarity, and helpfulness all received high marks from respondents. This particular section met at 9:00 AM so some respondents were not yet awake enough to fully appreciate Professor Towse's enthusiasm. His greatest strength was in assuring that students understood the material. Overall, Professor Towse did a commendable job of teaching his subject.

The class met three times a week and didn't have a section. Weekly homework sets were considered very challenging and took considerable time-about three to seven hours a week. Respondents recommended gettting a jump on the assignments because they weren't meant for cramming in the night before thy were due. Examinations consisted of a mid-term and a final. The work requires a definite time commitmetn on the studen's behalf.

The class was very worthwhile to students. It provided an intellectual challenge and was very satisfying upon completion. Students suggested that a section of in-class discussion of the homework may have helped them in understanding the assignments. Respondents advised that those who have trouble concetnrating on math in the morning may wish to consider not taking this class at 9:00 AM

Mathematics 29 with Professor Towse is a great course for those seeking an intellectually satisfying third semester calculus course. Professor Towse's teaching make the class a worthwhile and interesting one.


Ratings: 1(best/agree) through 5 (worst/disagree)







Stimulation of my interest in subject

Enthusiasm about subject

Facilitated understanding of material

Was aware of level of understanding

Organization and preparedness


Writing Assignments

Were of reasonable length

Were clearly stated

Grader's comments were helpful

Homework sets were helpful


Were challenging

Covered what I expected them to cover

Quizzes were helpful

General Information

This course was challenging

I learned a lot from this course

I will take more courses in department

I loved this course