Brown University MA10, Fall 1991, Student Reviews:

Introductory Calculus, Part II

Total Enrollment: 33 Respondents: 22
Frosh: 20 Sophs: 11 Jrs: 1 Srs: 1 Others: 0
Concentrators: 0 Non-Concentrators: 18 Don't Know: 4
Course Format: lecture with section


Math 10, "Introductory Calculus, Part II," is the second semester of the Math 9-10 sequence. It involves learning such topics as: techniques of integration, inverse trigonometric and logarithmic functions, infinite series, power series, Taylor's formula, polar coordinates, and more. The prerequisite for this course is Math 9 or placement. Math 10 is recommended for all students intending to concentrate in the sciences or mathematics.

Students raved about Professor [sic] Towse's performancce. He was reported to be excellent and highly energentic. He presented difficult concepts in an easily understandable way. Professor Towse welcomed questions and participation in class. Students found his class to be relaxing, not intimidating. They even reported that he had a sense of humor! Even better, he cared about his students.

The workload for this course was reasonable. Students spent approximately 2-3 hours onthe weekly problem sets.

There wree two exams and a final. All were quite challenging. Sporadic quizzes were also given out. Secions met once a week. The majority of reviewers found the sections to be useful. TAs Almeida and She were said to be helpful in solving the homework problems.

Most of the survey respondents felt that this course was worthwhile. They feel like they now have a stronger math background. Others found that it adequately satisfied their requirements.

In conclusion, the reviews for Professor Towse's Math 10 course rate it a thumbs up. Most anyone interested in taking Math 10 will be pleased.


Ratings: 1(best/agree) through 5 (worst/disagree)







Stimulation of my interest in subject

Enthusiasm about subject

Facilitated understanding of material

Was aware of level of understanding

Organization and preparedness


Writing Assignments

Were of reasonable length

Were clearly stated

Grader's comments were helpful

Homework sets were helpful


Were challenging

Covered what I expected them to cover

Quizzes were helpful

General Information

This course was challenging

I learned a lot from this course

I will take more courses in department

I loved this course